Multimodal transport

Multimodal Transport

LLC-TERMINAL offers multimodal services for shipments of all kinds of cargo including out-of-gauge and heavy lifts as well as different kinds of containers by different modes of transport.

The coordination of involved transport vehicles from one center is a characteristic feature of the multimodal transportation. Thereby, the process of goods delivery is optimized at the expense of the following conditions: specific character and the length of the route, nature and the volume of goods, special requirements towards goods’ transportation, fulfillment of customs and borderline formalities.

International multimodal delivery of cargoes requires agreed work of all the elements of a transportation system. It also represents a complex logistic task that can only be solved by the highly skilled specialists. Otherwise, there is a risk of time and cargo loss that results in the lost revenues for the consignee, a fall of reputation in the eyes of the client and, as a result, a refusal from further work. International shipments are a field of activity where above all one values the ability to reveal high efficiency and quality when dealing with one’s obligations. Lots of things and sometimes even the whole business of our clients depend on on-time and safe delivery.