The protection of the environment is not a part of LLC-TERMINAL marketing strategy, but it is the outcome of the logistics handler’s initiative way of doing business.
LLC-TERMINAL uses carefully the shortest routes, handling resources and efficient processes in all its business areas. This makes it possible for us to satisfy our customers’ requirement, lower costs and play part in consistent and regular protection of the environment.

LLC-TERMINAL is continual in its research for better logistics solutions by avoiding empty runs, linking modes of transportation in an intelligent manner, fully exploiting existing facilities and using environmentally-friendly means of transportation, because all logistics activities and type of transportation requires energy. More can be known here on our vital roles in protecting the environment, with how our logistics concepts are sustained and how LLC-TERMINAL support it’s customer in keeping their products.

Contract Logistics

Our new building structures are certified according to the Dutch Building Council’s standards, because LLC-TERMINAL knows the importance of sustainability when building its new logistics warehouses. This interprets the significant of increasing our energy efficiency levels even before the start of operating business. Efficient processes, short distances and the latest technology are considered to reduce the consumption of energy during operations.
LLC-TERMINAL operates with energy efficient equipment.

With appreciation to calculating emission for waterway traffic, we considered the Transporting of Goods by Sea as the most environment friendly means of shipment.
LLC-TERMINAL is a leading provider of waterway services and provides comprehensive low emission transportation services along Europe’s and International Waterways.
LLC-TERMINAL . is professionally active in the reduction of journey times, by the deliberate shift of traffic to the waterways, eases the environmental pressure and increases the throughput at the same time.